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We deliver high-quality custom websites bolstered by best-in-class SEO for businesses looking to achieve growth. 

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Websites are powerful. A poor-quality website can reduce visibility and impact customer trust. An exceptional website can tell a story. It can engage, educate, and convert visitors. We build the latter.

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We build high-impact, high-performance websites that deliver growth-driving results. Our websites are impeccably designed, effortless to use, and tick Google’s crawlability boxes.

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Our strategic approach combines technical expertise and creativity.


Custom websites and online stores that align with your organisation’s or brand’s goals.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) that increases organic search traffic.


Digital branding that speaks to your target customers.


Increased market share that is sustainable long-term.


Strategic, data-backed advice informed by a nuanced understanding of your organisation.


Got Questions?

At Macedon Digital, we believe that thoroughly understanding your business is the key to ultimate project success. We’re confident in our abilities to design and develop great websites and SEO strategies, therefore the gap is learning the information required to produce the end result. We take the time to get to know you and your business. We do this through face-to-face meetings, phone calls, Zoom’s and a brand identity questionnaire. Communication (especially listening) is one of our core values. 

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on designing and developing 100% unique websites. We do not use templates or designs from other businesses websites. Our design team will learn about your business and create a unique design that complements your brand and stands the test of time. This means you won’t need to update your website for years to come. 

To commence your project, we’ll organise a meeting. We prefer to meet face-to-face but are open to your preferred option. From here we will learn about your business, correctly identify the objectives, analyse your competitors, your industry and provide a quote. Once the quote is approved we will custom design and develop your website. Once the website is ready to launch we will integrate the SEO component to ensure your business is found in the search engines. We provide full service and support post launch and you have the option for us to manage your website moving forward. 

Absolutely. If you can manage a Word document, you will be able to learn to operate your website. We provide in-house training as standard with our projects, as well as provide a suite of instructional videos for you to refer to over time. These videos are also great to train new staff how to operate the website.

Absolutely. All of our websites are built to be SEO friendly. This means that each page is correctly optimised, the site is technically proficient (fast) and the major search engines (Google and Bing) are aware of your website and its structure.

You can choose to manage and host your website after the design and development is completed, so there do not need to be any ongoing fees. However, if you would like us to host your website (which 95% of client choose to do) we charge cost price for this service. If you would like us to manage your website, there are a number of options you can choose. Please contact us for pricing. 

Yes – you are the owner of your website once your final invoice has been paid. We provide you with full admin access to your new website and hosting service. You can choose to do anything you like on your website, because it’s yours. We are here to help if you need. 

We request that you are open and available during each stage of the project. Initially we need your time to discuss your business and learn all we can. This involves meeting in person, in Zoom or over the phone. During the design, development and final approval stages, we request that you are available to provide feedback in a timely fashion so we can deliver the project on time. Besides this, we do all of the heavy lifting and your input is as much as you like. We design, develop and launch the project for you. No technical skills are required on your end. We can also manage your website after launch. 

As many as you need. We will deliver a high quality website that matches your business and brand identity. 99 times out of 100 we get this right pretty quickly, so minimal rounds of feedback are required. If you are not happy with a design, we will work with you to get it right until you’re happy. We do not believe in restrictive design practices, rather we partner with businesses to achieve the best outcome for them – whatever it takes.

It depends! Please contact us to discuss your project needs and we’ll provide a quote.