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Search engine optimisation is the backbone of any successful website. No matter how pristine your website is or how excellent your business is, none of that will matter if your customer base isn’t visiting your site.

Utilise SEO to
Improve Your Business

Proper SEO drives the traffic that you need to your website and business.

Here at Macedon Digital, we understand how to take advantage of SEO to get your site the traffic it deserves and your business an edge over your competitors.

SEO is becoming increasingly important in our digital age and is a factor that any business needs to start prioritising. If you’re on the fence at all about putting a focus on SEO, then let us persuade you. We’re dedicated to helping our clients’ businesses grow to the best of our abilities, and that includes utilising SEO.


SEO is targeting the right people for your business — potential customers who are interested in what you’re offering. This traffic will be organic, giving rise to increased conversions and leads for your business.


SEO is the best digital marketing initiative to generate a long-term digital presence for your business. It will continue to drive quality traffic to your site for years, generating steady growth for your business over time. This investment is generally what delivers the best ROI in the long term.


While advertising will stop as soon as you stop paying money for it, SEO will continue to benefit your company long after you invest in it. Six months of advertising will generate some interest and revenue at the time, but a six-month SEO


Better SEO than your competitors is a sure way to gain the advantage. Potential clients will be more likely to visit your site, and your business will be growing more and more over time.

With our help, we’ll ensure you get all the benefits you can from SEO.

How We Get It Done For You

While our team has a diverse set of skills, we are web developers by nature. This means that making your website search engine optimised is one of our best skills by far. We also use cutting-edge technologies both to research and execute our SEO campaigns.

We’re confident in our abilities, and we care about the results of our work on your business. Here, we’ll show you the steps we take and demonstrate our mastery of SEO so that you can have confidence in us as well.


To make sure that we’re doing the best that we can for you, we use all the knowledge and tools at our disposal. This includes you — the leading expert of your business. Before making any changes, we need to research as much as we can about your business, your customer base, and your business industry. These three points of knowledge have the greatest effect on your site’s SEO, which will become the basis of our SEO campaign.

To fully grasp the scope of your business, we’ll talk to you about it. We’ll ask you questions and listen to your explanations. We care about getting this right, so we won’t be making assumptions about your business. We’ll be working with you to properly understand it.


We will also conduct a full review of the competitive landscape. Knowing who your competitors are and how they’re doing is essential for coming up with your SEO plan.


Success doesn’t mean the same thing for everybody, or even every business. Macedon Digital will be working for you on this, so we’re not going to rely simply on what we might consider successful. You will let us know what your goals are and what level of success you’re aiming for. Taking that into consideration, our team will explore how your business’ success can be directly impacted by SEO.


A website can’t be exceptional if it’s not getting any traffic. To make sure your customers can actually find your website, we focus on search engine optimisation during the build.

SEO Tips

When our team is generating your business’ SEO campaign, there are many SEO best practices that they keep in mind. The following tips are just some of the concepts that Macedon Digital regularly takes into account. We would encourage you to consider these tips for your own business as well.


One of the best ways to optimise your website is by having high-quality content. Websites aren’t considered optimised if they’re lacking content or if the content they contain is of low quality.


While it’s important to have a focus on keywords in your content, that shouldn’t be the primary focus of an SEO campaign. What’s most essential is solving prospective clients’ problems while also teaching them about your business.


A great way to increase effectiveness of SEO is by examining the ways that you can increase your site’s click-through rate, therefore generating more leads from the same amount of traffic on your site. Once your site is gaining more traffic, this will turn into even more leads.


The Google algorithm is constantly updating and evolving. Staying on top of the latest updates means having a better understanding of SEO and staying ahead of competitors.


Google runs a series of tools that will affect your site’s SEO, so it’s also important to stay updated on those. Macedon Digital always keeps these in mind so that we can use them in our favour when running SEO campaigns.

Examples of Google tools:

  • Featured Snippets: Featured snippets are small pieces of information that Google is able to display prominently above normal search results. Having a featured snippit can increase your traffic click-through rates by 200%.
  • Google Lens: This tool uses Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) engines to scan the imagery on your website. Having imagery on your website that represents your business well results in better SEO.

Grow Your Business Using SEO

Proper use of SEO can make the difference between a thriving and an unsuccessful website. Our experts can ensure that your site is a thriving one, increasing your traffic and generating customers through SEO. Our talented team is here to help your business grow. Everyone at Macedon Digital is highly skilled in SEO, and is ready to apply that knowledge to a personalised SEO campaign for your business. Get in touch with us if you’d like to hear more about how we can help you!

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A website is one of your organisation’s most valuable assets. We leverage leading-edge technical expertise to create high-performance websites that drive real, measurable results.


Connect with your target audience and generate a result for your business.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) that increases organic search traffic.


Digital branding that speaks to your target customers.


Increased market share that is sustainable long-term.


Strategic, data-backed advice informed by a nuanced understanding of your organisation.

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