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Macedon Digital doesn’t just design beautiful websites. We also specialise in designing premium business logos that will provide a unique identity for your business.

Reasons You Might Need a New Brand

Your branding is vitally important to your business. The logo that you have represents who you are, and it is what customers’ first impressions will be derived from. Having a logo that elegantly portrays the essence of your business will intrigue customers and have them engaging with your business.

We want to help you show your customers who you are and what your business is all about.

A new logo can help you increase your brand’s presence and reputation. It could even help increase your sales. An excellent logo can do both, and that’s what our team strives to provide for you.

Even if you already have a logo, there are, oftentimes, ways that it could be improved. Aside from the general goals of improving branding and sales, there are many reasons why you might want to consider getting a new logo.

Your Business Has Grown

Your current logo was great for your business when it was first developed. However, time has passed and your business has grown. At this point, your business growth and development have outgrown your current brand identity, so you need to update your logo to match what your business is today.

Your Logo Isn’t Right for You

While you may have once enjoyed your logo, that’s no longer the case. You don’t find your logo properly represents your current business values, or you’re just no longer feeling pride in the logo like you used to. Perhaps there’s something wrong with the shape or the colour, and it’s just not right for you anymore. Seeing some alternatives might give you a better idea of what you actually want.

Your Logo Is Difficult to Use

For some logos, having a certain shape can make it difficult to apply in certain scenarios – for example, trying to use it in social media or for some print applications like signage or collateral. Alternatively, you may just be trying to resize your logo for different situations, and it’s not looking good when you try. Having a new logo designed to be able to be used in whichever scenarios you need is a necessity for a successful business.

You Want Something Simpler

Popular modern branding is all about simplicity. If your logo is very busy or complicated, it may not be as attractive to consumers today. If that’s the case, you may want to get a simpler design.

How We Approach Branding

The way we approach branding is the same, whether it’s re-branding or designing a logo for a new brand. We care about offering excellent customer service above all else. In order to be the best for you, we keep you involved in the process, and you’ll see that our values are reflected in the way we deliver our services.

We Learn About You

The key to the perfect logo is to understand the essence of your business. We start the process by learning as much about you and your business as we can. We want your logo to be an accurate representation of your business, so we sit, listen, and do our best to understand what your business is from you.

When we’re talking with you, we’re trying to get an understanding of your business values, what it stands for, and what your current identity is. We also need to know about your client base. This will all help us better determine how the logo should look and what sort of applications it will be used for.

We Create a Variety of Logos

Once we have an in-depth understanding of your business, our senior designer will draft a variety of logos. It’s important for us that you’re satisfied with your new logo, so we present a few for you to choose from instead of just one option that you’re stuck with. Once you’ve picked your favourite, we’ll review it with you and amend the logo as you see fit.

We Provide All the Logos You Will Need

After the final revisions have been made and you’re happy with the end result, we’ll package it up for you. However, we’ll be delivering your logo in different variations and sizes so you’re able to use them wherever you need to. That means if you need a logo for your social media, car signage, clothing, etc., there will be a version of the logo ready to go for that application.

Get the Branding That’s Right for You

The way your business is presented to your prospective customers can be the difference between them choosing to engage in your business or choosing to go elsewhere. Our expert team is dedicated to providing clients with logos that represent the uniqueness of their businesses. If you’re looking to enhance your branding and increase interest in your business, Macedon Digital is able to help.

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