5 Essential Elements of a Successful Brand

You’ve heard it before. Still, as a website development company, we feel it’s our duty to say it again — your brand is critical to your online business’s success! And your e-commerce website design company can help you with brand development to build an exceptional brand.

But first things first… because some of you may be wondering, “What exactly is a brand?” Well, essentially, it’s how your customers and prospective customers see you. In a word: reputation. And trust us, it doesn’t take long for people to establish an impression, whether good or bad.

Let’s face it — we humans have short attention spans. And they’re getting even shorter as we are bombarded with messaging 24/7. A well-crafted brand showcased through custom web design tells your target audience exactly who you are in a matter of seconds. And if they like what they see, they’ll want more of it.

So, with that said, you’re sold on branding. But you’re also thinking, “Dang! This is serious business,” and “How in the heck do I build an awesome and inspiring brand?”

Trust us. Unless you’re a WordPress developer, you don’t want to try and build your own WordPress website design. You want a custom website design. And yes, you should start with a top-notch website design and development company. We know of a good one.

And then what?

Don’t panic! Because we’re a seasoned web development agency that knows a lot about guiding you along the path to brand success!

Can’t Live Without ‘Em… The Brand Characteristics that Truly Matter!

There’s no doubt — both the web and the availability of small business website design options have simplified brand building, which is a definite plus. But on the flip side, they’ve also emboldened budding entrepreneurs to move forward with their e-commerce website development and, therefore, increased the competition.

But the brands that rise above boast:

1. Exceptional Content and Messaging 

The average adult spends 5+ hours daily on their mobile devices and computers. Content comes at them from all angles. And there aren’t enough hours in a lifetime, let alone a single day, to take in all the content out there. So, the brands that tell their stories well and create engaging content hold an advantage over their competitors. They receive more attention and build connections with their customers. They gain loyalty and trust. Their social media content drives the target audience to their websites, and their web design is so perfect that those prospective customers keep coming back for more.

2. Purpose 

Consumers love brands that have a genuine purpose. They buy into businesses that truly fill a need and believe in what they do. And consumers can easily differentiate the authentic from the fake. The most successful brands help people and solve problems. According to recent research, half of all consumers choose products and services based on a brand’s values and intent. As an inspirational speaker, Simon Sinek said, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.”

So, make your brand’s purpose straightforward and easy to understand. And remind your customers what that purpose is whenever possible, especially on your custom-designed website.

3. Audience Awareness 

The more specific the audience, the more successful the brand. And the most profitable businesses know their target audience as well as they know their own products and services. They know what those prospective customers want and what they fear. They know how the audience members spend their days. With that kind of deeper understanding, they can craft messaging that speaks to their audiences. Those consumers then buy into the story and connect to the brand. Comprehensive knowledge of the targeted audience also helps brands select marketing channels so they can reach their audiences and drive them back to the custom-designed website. They return time and again to the brand’s website because they crave more of the story.

4. Unique Value 

The best online brands tell their audiences exactly why their products and services outshine the competition. And they never shy away from boasting about their unique value.

To define your brand’s unique value, think about the greatest benefit you have to offer and how it’s different from your competitor’s. What do you have to give that they don’t? How exactly does your product or service improve consumers’ lives? Do you offer the best customer service? Are your quality products or services more affordable? You get the idea. Brag about all that you’ve got. You want your customers to think that you’re the only brand that can give them exactly what they want from a product or service.

5. Consistency 

Your brand should be consistent with quality, timing, messaging — basically everything that establishes your value and reputation. Think of it this way: You choose a custom website development agency to build your business’s first website, and you’re beyond satisfied with the final product and ongoing service. So, you return to that website developer when you need a site for a second business. And you have the complete opposite experience. Would you ever go back? Yeah… no.

Well, there you have it — the key elements of every successful online brand. Essentially, consumers choose brands they trust and relate to. They are characteristics that any brand can develop in time. And the best way to get started is to hire a custom website design and development company. Let your brand shine through modern website design.

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