Why You Need to Choose a Website Design Agency That Also Specialises in Strategy

It’s important for your site to look nice and attract customers. However, it’s just as important for it to be accomplishing your goals and growing your business. That’s where strategic website design comes in. Employing a website design agency that also specialises in strategy means that you’ll be receiving a website designed to attract your target audience while meeting your business’s objectives.

What We Mean by Strategy

When we say strategy, we’re talking about plans that will help you meet your overall goals and business objectives. Strategies can come in many different forms, suit different purposes, and will be unique to your business. In our experience, we understand that simple strategies with clear objectives tend to be superior compared to complex strategies, especially as a starting point. Although they can be far more complex than this, strategies should include the following basic details:

  • Business Development Strategy – What’s your plan for how you’ll develop your business in the short, medium, and long term?
  • Marketing Strategy – How are you going to market your business to achieve your development goals?
  • Web Strategy – How is your online presence going to help you with your marketing and development goals?

The expert integration of strategy and website design is the best way to use the launch of your new or redesigned website as a method of growing your business and reaching your objectives.

How Web Design Agencies Specialising in Strategy Can Help Your Business Grow

By using their knowledge and experience, agencies specialising in strategy can elevate your web design to be more than just engaging. These web design agencies should be able to conduct research, implement expert marketing techniques into your website, and help advise you in short-term and long-term strategies.

Experience with Research

Any good strategy is always backed by research, and a strategically designed website will be as well. An agency that specialises in strategy will also be experienced with the research required to make actionable plans that will actually help you reach your business goals. This means creating an understanding of your business’s industry and your target audience, as well as an understanding of your competitors and what they’re doing.

An important aspect of this research is to be experienced with data and analytics. This is the part that turns research into decision making and is essential for creating actionable strategies. Having a web design team experienced in research and analytics means they’ll be able to effectively use your site as a tool for advancing your goals and growing your business. Even better if the team can help advise you on analysing your site’s data after it’s been built.


Experts in strategy must have a deep understanding of SEO and how it can be implemented. When you’re working with a website design agency that doesn’t specialise in strategy, they may not know how best to implement SEO into your site to further your business objectives.

With a team that does specialise in strategy, they’ll work with you to understand your goals for your business and develop an SEO plan that will take steps towards that goal. Proper SEO requires research and analysis, as it will be highly affected by your target demographic and your business competitors. With how important SEO is for driving organic traffic to your site, working with an agency specialising in strategy can make a big difference in the success of your website.

Content Marketing

Whenever you’re running a website, it’s also essential to have a content marketing strategy. An agency experienced in strategy would be able to help you come up with a content marketing plan that will effectively target your desired audience. They should be able to help plan when, where, and how to publish the optimised content, and will be able to tailor your site to easily receive this content in the future.

Digital Strategy Beyond Your Site

As experts in strategy, the web design agency should also be able to provide advice for your online presence outside of just your website, such as advice on social media and email marketing campaigns. Further, they should be able to tailor your website to be able to accommodate future plans. For example, if you do intend to conduct email marketing campaigns in the future, your site should be built to direct customers to provide you with their email information.

It’s Less Work for You

Overall, working with a website design agency that specialises in strategy means less work on your end while receiving a website that will do more for you and your business than just look nice. While you can always implement your own strategy into design after receiving the site, it’s far easier and quicker in the long run to have the site built with strategy in mind by an agency that knows what they’re doing and is willing to work with you to help you realise your goals.

The Macedon Digital Team Are Experts in Strategy

At Macedon Digital, we create exceptional sites tailored specifically to your business while also incorporating a long-term strategy. We care about the results of our hard work, and we want to work with you every step of the way to ensure your site will be optimised to target your specific goals and business objectives. If you want to learn more about how we can help your online presence, contact our team and we’ll be happy to chat with you!

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