SEO – Overview of What to Expect

SEO Purpose Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website so it appears on page 1 in the search engines (primarily Google) for the search phrases prospects who do NOT know of the website or business use, when searching for the products and services that the business and website attempt to sell […]

Jackson Dwellings on their success with Macedon Digital

We’re so thrilled to have been working with Jackson Dwellings for the past 4 years. We’ve witnessed their growth from a small business run by just Emma and her husband Cameron turn into the quality builder it is today. Despite their success, the team at Jackson Dwellings have stayed ever-humble, caring and helpful to us […]

Why WordPress Care Plans Are Required

Unfortunately we now live in a world where websites are being increasingly targeted by overseas hackers and exploited with serious legal ramifications. Your hosting is already high quality but more needs to be done to prevent your website being hacked and remaining high performing. If you’re reading this page, then we know your website intimately […]

5 Essential Elements of a Successful Brand

You’ve heard it before. Still, as a website development company, we feel it’s our duty to say it again — your brand is critical to your online business’s success! And your e-commerce website design company can help you with brand development to build an exceptional brand. But first things first… because some of you may be wondering, “What exactly […]

The Pitfalls of Choosing a Cheap Website (and how to read the warning signs)

As the representative of your online presence, it’s essential that your website is well-designed and tailored for your business. A great website will attract new customers, drive conversions, and generally help grow your business. On the other hand, a poorly designed website can achieve just the opposite. Since the quality of your website plays such […]

Why You Need to Choose a Website Design Agency That Also Specialises in Strategy

It’s important for your site to look nice and attract customers. However, it’s just as important for it to be accomplishing your goals and growing your business. That’s where strategic website design comes in. Employing a website design agency that also specialises in strategy means that you’ll be receiving a website designed to attract your target […]

Increase Your Return on Investment with Experienced Website Providers

Getting a new website for your business, or improving an old one, is an investment, and one that you would expect to end up paying for itself. Your website is doing that when it’s attracting new customers, driving conversions, and helping to grow your business. This is easy for a well-designed website, but a poorly […]

How to Choose a Custom Website Design Agency

7 Essential Services Offered from the Best Custom Website Design Agencies So, you’ve thought about it for a while, and you’re finally ready to go! It’s time to build a website that perfectly showcases your brand and promises business success. And you don’t want to go it alone so you have committed to hiring a […]

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